Why Us?

Our Experience and expertise. We have been a Nevada incorporator for 20 years and our clients tell us that our expertise is the most valuable asset you gain when you hire us.

Trust and Transparency: Because as soon as your entity is registered, we show you direct on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website. So you know that your entity is set up properly.

Efficiency with up to date technology: We have streamlined the process of incorporation using latest technology. First, we use all electronic filing – all you need to do is fill out only 3-5 fields on an online form (or a short phone call) to order your entity. No papers. After we form your entity, all corporate documents such as the ByLaws, Operating Agreement, Meeting Minutes are instantly downloadable from the cloud – eliminating the need for a physical corporate kit. Therefore, we have made the whole process extremely efficient without any headaches.

You are in control: Even though we do all the work, you stay in control: There will be no surprises. Our clients like the transparency we offer.

Personal service: We assign you a personal assistant from day one. Your assistant will guide you through the process and remain on call for you. We even provide you your assistant’s direct number and e-mail address.

All inclusive pricing: Unlike most incorporators you don’t have to pay us for subsequent filings by regular processing for an entity formed by us. Many incorporators will come back to ask you for more money for each additional task such as obtaining a Tax ID. Our ALL-INCLUSIVE pricing model is unique.

We provide everything you need, nothing that you don’t. We encourage you to compare us to other incorporators and realize we do not provide you anything you don’t need in order to inflate the price. This is our competitive edge.

We are located in Las Vegas and as and when required, we will personally file expedited orders directly by visiting the Nevada Secretary of State’s offices.

We are affiliated with a host of reputable business attorneys, as well as tax professionals and estate planning attorneys, providing very affordable services to meet your legal needs such as Trusts, Wills etc.

Compliance monitor: Compliance is a top priority with us and an essential element in creating and maintaining the integrity of your business. We will assist you through this complete process.

Your confidentiality and privacy: You have our assurance that your confidentiality and privacy will never be compromised.

Our price: Our fees are competitive without sacrificing the service and guidance necessary to get the job done well. Take the time to compare and you will realize why so many clients are coming to us.


There weren’t any magical or unusual beginnings at the start of our business in 2001. 

Kevin Barua and Lura Barua started Nevada LLC Services as a husband-and-wife team and had their office in the den of their home.  

There were many brainstorm meetings while cooking or eating at the snack bar in the kitchen, or having a drink after dinner. They kept track of daily sales on a 24 inch by 36-inch whiteboard.

Kevin knew all the clients by name and remembered everything about them, Kevin has a very good memory as well as an MBA from a well-known business college in India.

Lura got her business experience from the university of life.  She has an accounting and tax background and has had many different businesses from a young age, bringing an unlimited hands-on experience to the company. 

Nevada LLC Services continued to grow with each passing year and we are always expanding the business, offering our clients the utmost in experience and knowledge.

In 2019 Kevin chose to leave the company and pursue other endeavors.  Lura continues to operate and manage the business herself along with a fully qualified staff of dedicated employees.   

While many other businesses were operating remotely, Lura opened a physical office in Las Vegas in March of 2021.  Her main objective now is to continue expanding the many services we have to offer our clients, and to educate them in successfully starting and growing their business.  

Lura wants to make sure that everyone from the truck driver to the corporate executive has the same opportunity to pursue their American dream.


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